What Does a Real Estate Agent Do to Earn Their Commission?


The following is a list of activities performed by a real estate agent in facilitating the sale of your home: 


Broken Sound1. Initial contact

2. Schedule listing appointment

3. Prepare for listing appointment:

a. Research

b. Comparative market analysis

c. Marketing plan

d. Fill out listing contract and forms

e. Preview home if possible

4. Conduct listing appointment:

a. View property if not yet seen

b. Give listing presentation

c. Handle objections

d. Present and discuss CMA

e. Present and discuss marketing plan

f. Complete and explain listing contract and forms

g. Complete inventory sheet

h. Conduct merchandising analysis

i. Take pictures for brochures and MLS

5. Submit listing folder to manager for approval

6. Submit listing folder to staff for MLS input

7. Verify information inputted into MLS

8. Order sign, if appropriate

9. Order virtual tour and accompany photographer

10. Put listing in office window display

11. Send just listed cards

12. Notify all Lang Realty agents

13. Contact agents in the area to make them personally aware of the listing

14. Prepare brochures

15. Install lock box, if appropriate

16. Email virtual tour to sphere of influence and other agents

17. Conduct broker open house

18. Conduct public open houses, if appropriate

19. Follow-up "just listed" cards, virtual tours and open houses

20. Weekly updates to owner

21. Submit advertising

22. Arrange showings

23. Show the property to prospective buyers

24. Accompany showings of the property by other agents, if necessary

25. Follow-up showing for feedback

26. Price reduction, if necessary

27. Monthly CMA update

28. Communicate with the agent that has a buyer who wants to make an offer

29. Receive and present offer

30. Negotiate offer

31. Get copies of signed contract to the seller

32. Contract to closing:

a. Prepare time line checklist

b. Inspections and repairs

c. Monitor and assist with:

1. Mortgage approval

2. HOA/Condo approval

3. Insurance issues

4. Appraisal

5. Survey

d. Obtain and deliver additional documents as necessary

e. Make sure all documents are ready and delivered to closing agent

f. Confirm closing time and location with closing agent

g. Review closing statement with owner before closing

h. Conduct pre-closing walk- through

i. Attend closing

j. Follow-up after closing