10 Ways I Can Help You


1. I can help you with the market

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, I am the one you can turn to for information on home values, neighborhoods, taxes, zoning, schools and more.


2. I can help you set the price

I know the current real estate market and can help you set a realistic selling price.


3. I can help you advertise efficiently

When you’re a seller, I handle and pay for all marketing efforts for your home, from advertising and arranging open houses, to placing a sign in front of your home.


4. I can help you with financing

When you’re a buyer, I will help pre-qualify you, help you find financing, arrange for home inspections and so on. I can assist the seller on financing a buyer.


5. I can help you add sales appeal

I know how to add the extra appeal to your home at little cost that can generate interest. If you’re the buyer, I can often suggest imaginative changes for making your prospective new home more suitable for you and more valuable.


6. I can help you with details

I handle many time- consuming tasks that are a part of the real estate transaction process. Both buyers and sellers are kept informed while free from stress.


7. I can help you at your closing

I will accompany you to the closing or even attend in your place, and help you with all the paperwork beforehand.


8. I can help you find the best deal

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, I am bound and obligated by the Code of Ethics to give fair treatment to all parties in the transaction.


9. I bring buyers and seller together

I ultimately help both parties find the best homes in an affordable price range for qualified serious buyers.


10. I let you live your life

I am a professional who has the expertise and time to get the job done right. That makes it easier to get on with the life you've worked so hard to enjoy.